The Trio is a special format for me and one that I continually explore because of its complex levels of musical communication. My main goal in the Trio is to blend the Western sounds and instruments like Bass, percussion or voice, with traditional Chinese instruments. I find the trio format has endless possibilities of tonal palettes while allowing enough space within the ensemble for each voice to be heard clearly but at the same time harmoniously creating the overall sound. Even if we add a 4th instrument the group will still predominantly follow the trio format. One musician may lay out briefly and then re-enter the ensemble so that the sound experience is constantly changing.

In China I have a few different combinations of trio groups that join me on bass/percussion/voice, including: GuZheng, Pipa, Mongolian Horse Head Fiddle, Flutes, Violin or Piano.

I am currently building a new Trio in US with Harp Guitar, Percussion or Horse Head Fiddle-stay tuned.