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"NanYin Music in a Western Dream" was visually rich, dynamic, sonically textured, beautiful, and full of new visions, and profound creativity
Xiamen University Weekly, Xiamen China.

"Notes From the Field" is beautiful...the interpretations of traditional Asian melodies brought tears to my eyes.
Kyoko Taguchi, Hirata Music School, Seattle, WA.

Zai Circle is a musical bridge to diverse cultures from around the world with each project being unique, compelling, and engaging. Geoff Ott: President Northwest Grammy Chapter, Owner London Bridge Studios, Seattle, WA.

Concert/Lecture/Workshop Booking info:

Venue requirements

Zai Circle musical dialogues work best in smaller intimate halls where the audience can be part of the collaborative process. Performances range from solo/duo concerts to full band projects. The trio format is a particular favorite for Zai Circle.

Zai Circle welcomes and encourages collaborations with musicians and performers from local regions, thus keeping travel expenses low and creating opportunities to engage in musical dialogues with new musicians and collaborate in new musical experiences.

Residencies, Master Classes/Workshops, are always available and encouraged, making the musical dialogue more meaningful and complete. Classes and workshops include topics ranging from improvisation, meditation, communication, and compassionate listening, and are geared to non musicians and musicians alike.

Contact Zai Circle directly for KeLan to design a unique musical dialogue and theme for your event and hall.