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NanYin Music in a Western Dream/Dream Curator

12.11.21-12.18.12 Dream Curator for Ione's 17th Annual Dream festival.

11.2.12-12.4.2012 Residency with Xiamen NanYin Traditional Music Troupe.

You can read a full article about both of these projects in the Dialogue Space post called NanYin Music in a Western Dream Residency/ Dream Curator. This article goes combines both the process of creating the Dreamscape with the NanYin Troupe and dives into other dream explorations from the week of dream curating. 

Dialogues and Intersections Concert with Stuart Demptster and Steve Korn Tuesday August 7th

Zai Circle continues it's tradition of improvised dialogues and musical conversation with "3" Dialogues and Intersections, Tuesday August 7th, at 7:30 at London Bridge Studios in Seattle. "3" weaves our collective musical cultures into a rich layer of sounds that reach for a deeper meaning, exploring the healing qualities overlaying sonorities and sound textures can bring. Seating is limited so reserve now!

Taiwan Improvised Session

This is a nice edited clip of my first private session/concert in Taiwan. All improv in fact we had just all met. This is in a beautiful small hall/space that Lin Hsiao-Feng's father let us use. He is a bamboo flute maker and this is his school-it was and remains a very special night of music for me. Seeing this helps bring me back there.

Bass (KeLan), Li Tung - Pipa, Lee Shih-Yang - Piano, Lin Hsiao-Feng - Chinese Bamboo Flute、Xiao、 flute, Huang Dawang-Yingfan - Chinese Instrument

Zai Circle Live Radio Show at KYRS

I did a live radio show on KYRS "Crossroads" in Spokane WA this past Sunday, September 11, 2011. Abel Rocha joined me on Harp and Guitar. Our theme was "Distance" We explored this idea musically and responded with improvised musical conversations to callers email stories and insights on "Distance".

Distance can be many things-What does "Distance" mean to you? How does it come into play in your life and affect those around around you?