Meng Chang. 919-965. God of NanYin Music

Newest News & Upcoming Events

11.24.2014. After a strange, (and at times frustrating), year of mistarts in 3 or 4 different "new" groups and "new" directions, I am making a big change to shake things up. My Family and I will be moving to Prague in Jan of 015. Hoping for some new directions, better collaborations, new inspiration, and a new journey comencing. Check out the Dialogue Space post called Prague for more info...onwards to new things unknown and exciting....

10.21.2013. The new Zai Circle Website is "live"!! Of course you already know that because you are here! However if you have not been here for awhile, take the new site for a test drive-there's lots of new things to see, new music to hear, a few new content pages in the "projects" section, (including a poetry page), all in a (hopefully), cleaner and streamlined user experience. I am pretty excited about the new look of Zai but I would love to hear your feedback so let me know what you think!

10.21.2013. New post on the Dialogue Space. I just posted a article that gives you an in depth look at my process in bringing the NanYin Music in a Western Dream Residency in Xiamen, China last year to life. Check it out and post comments to join in on the discussion. It's an interesting read.

A "Music and Meaning Musical Mediation" Conversation/Performance is in the works. The goal is to make this happen before the end of the year-stay tuned! 

Recently re-visiting my 6 and 12 string guitars again after a long time away-very cool to reconnect with these great instruments. They will join me in the new trios sound-stay tuned....