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3 of 5 in the midnight sky

3 of 5 in the midnight sky


in shimmering cyan sky


fresh clean air

of my morning walk

the tail of light

shooting across 

last nights midnight sky

still present 

in my vision

a gift for me

as if to say


the chance glance of hope

in a Praha shooting star

Of The Water Tower

my first poem of Prague-nice to be writing again after a very long time away-

Of the Water Tower

     it is not a tower per say

     a massive stoic grey stucco square

     with 5 recessed 2 story windows

     that pretend to be columns

     of some sacred place

what if...

...what if there was s different kind of space to make music in-not a stage, not a bar, not a hall, but not a living room...what if there was a weekly forum that happened but was not.."billed" per say. What if it was void of hype, void of drunks but sustainable only because of the act of creating and healing. Not for any one thing..genre...what if it was this train station...or someplace like this...what if is whoever owned it would be broke...or so rich that they could throw money away-well it was a nice dream for a moment...

what if cont...

practicing in Praha

We are here almost 4 weeks now. How could I ever have doubted why I would want come here? While things are not totally settled yet I am getting there-Basses and guitars arrived last week and today I sat down and practiced. Practiced with a purpose-something I have not been inspired to do for a while.




I never knew much about Prague. Now that I have spent a week there, I know even less because there is so much to know. I never had any inclination or even a desire to visit Prague. Now I have an address there that I cannot pronounce-it’s 39 something something jeme. It’s Praha now not Prague, and it is all I think about these days. The logistics of what will go, what will stay, what should we sell, what should we discard, what needs to be replaced, and where will I buy: Chinese medicine and natural peanut butter without any sugar. 

NanYin Music in a Western Dream Residency/Dream Curator

This article combines my intensive 4 week residency and performance: "NanYin Music in a Western Dream" with my week as a Dream Curator for Ione's 17th Annual Dream Festival. My week in the Dream Festival came immediately on retuning to the US after my work with the NanYin Troupe where we created a "Dream Scape" performance. I used the 4 week residency as my focal point for the Festival in addition to other dream content and explorations. This article is a compilation of posts that appeared over a 6 day period on the Festival Facebook site.

A Change in Perspective

Maybe I have been going about this in the wrong way-or just not listening to my own voice. When I first started ZC, I was determined “not” to be a band and not to just play a “gig”. But over the past 6 months or so-really since coming back from China and even to some extent while I was in China, I have been really pushing to get one of the “groups” I have out there playing. And I run into wall after wall, dead end after dead end. I try to find a manager, and agent, a venue to no end. Heck even scheduling a group to do a recording is impossible-with me paying them. 

poems of today

I thought I would share these two poems-the first one is from my last trip to China in Oct of 011, and the second from last week-Jan 18, 012. Somehow they seem to connect to each other and my process. For me its almost like one needs the other and I am not really sure why. They both seem to be a metaphor for where I am trying to go-although today, I am for sure not there.

New Directions

Hi Everyone! Well this is exciting! It is the first post for the new Zai Circle Dialogue Space (or blog), if you like that term. It is something that has been in the works for a while as a way to have a dialogue with all of you, and to be able to share ideas that are brewing, and generally just be able to present lots of different types of things and get conversations and discussions going about all these ideas.

What it Takes to Play

I wrote this list of words that I need to learn in Chinese to communicate a bit better with Chinese players or to simply put on a concert in China. The list was written in no order other than how the words came to my mind. It will take some real work to get all these words down in spoken and written form AND be able to use them! Amazing what we take for granted in our native languages. After I started to work on the list with my Chinese teacher, I realized how difficult it will be to learn and be able to use all of these words.

China and Taiwan

It has been a while since I have been to China.Last time was November of 2011. I have missed being there and I have missed playing with my 2 groups there very much. So with this in mind I am happy to say I will head back next week, for 3 weeks of refreshing, new experiences, and music to be made. I am looking forward to a Trio concert on April 5th 2012 that will combine both Xiamen groups in an evening of Trio conversations. Trio #1 with GuZheng and Pipa and Trio #2 with Piano, Violin/drums.