About Zai Circle

Zai (在) - in Chinese means: to exist.
Circle: is the continuation-the complete. Whole. It is also literally the act of playing together in a circle-to continually change, collaborate, and shift with the musicians in the circle.

Zai Circle was formed from a vision I had in March of 2009. The vision was very clear-it showed me a path of creating musical conversations and dialogues that would bring cultures together and present a deeper listening connection, opening the healing process-not only amongst ourselves as musicians in the dialogue, but engaging and interacting with a given audience. Through our sounds, our "process" and most importantly; our "intent" to go beyond just performing, we can present these healing ripples of musical dialogues as gifts to those who have joined us in the circle, and perhaps, if the intent is strong enough, send these ripples far past the concert hall and into the universe for anyone whom may need them.

I have spent the past 2 years traveling primarily to Asia, (China and Taiwan), and have been creating dialogues with a vast number of amazing musicians. The Circle of Zai has grown to include collaborations with well over 70 musicians from all over the world. Dialogues with instruments and sounds that I have never heard before. Dialogues with combinations and juxtapositions of cultures and instruments that I never could have imagined would be so harmonious. We have had dialogues in living rooms, open air courtyards in busy Shanghai restaurants, rehearsal halls, tiny upscale cafes in Shanghai whose doors had just opened hours before, concert halls, universities, recording studios, museums, meditation centers, healing centers, on top of mountains and in benches in tropical parks, and even in the virtual world of the web.

In 2012, I started an ongoing project and month long residency with the Xiamen, NanYin Music Troupe, blending the oldest documented form of music in China (NanYin or Southern Music), with Western sounds and rhythms, all encased in a "dream" sequence. These month long intensive residencies of collaboration, learning, healing, and listening deeply, will continue each quarter for as long as we can find new dialogues and dreams...and as dreams are always changing and evolving, I am happy to say, it seems this could go on for a long time.

the “circle” of healing starts with listening.

the “circle” is...
a conversation of collaboration.